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Car Auto Accidents Attorney Lawyers in Sacramento CA

Millions of auto accidents happen every year, but when you're involved in one, yours is so much more than a statistic. At Louis White, we understand your case is not just a claim number. With all the various components to deal with such as damage to your car, and your physical and mental well being, we provide the peace of mind to help rebuild your life -fast. After a car accident, you can feel sad, enraged ,confused, and may not know what to do. A complex legal case should be the last thing on your mind.

That’s why at Louis White Law our exceptional attorneys are by your side. We want you to focus on whats important... YOU and getting back to normal life. We handle car accidents victims in California and with over 15 years of combined experience are able to provide competent legal advice and detailed, personal attention.

The law office of Louis White  will hear  your questions, give the thoughtful responses, and fight hard for the outcome you deserve.