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Examples of Personal Injury Settlements: How Much Is My Case Worth?

No attorney can tell you exactly what your case is worth until all medical and treatment information is available.  However, successful attorneys, like those at Louis | White, have dealt with a vast array of different cases and have achieved many settlement awards such that they can get an idea of what your case is worth.

The following examples may be illustrative of your case’s value:

$1,300,000.00 Wrongful Death Case – An unmarried young man was recklessly killed by a drunk driver leaving his family members behind. The adverse driver’s insurance company only offered $250,000 to compensate the aggrieved family.  However, with aggressive legal representation and strong negotiation, a $1,300,000.00 settlement was reached before trial.

4,500,000.00 Personal Injury Burn Case – An adolescent boy was enjoying a game of paintball with some friends. Unfortunately the paint ball gun he was using was defective and exploded causing the young boy to receive serious burns. This case was settled for $850,000.00 and included a future pay out schedule – structured settlement – of $4.5 million dollars over the course of his lifetime.

$830,000.00 Product Liability Case – Confidential Medical Corporation placed defective medicine in the market place.  Although the 58 year old female was prescribed 0.8 mg of the medicine which was intended to lower cholesterol levels, in fact it caused her to suffer acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis making her breathing exceedingly difficult.  As a consequence, she suffered cardiac arrest and required continuous ventilator support during her two months of hospitalization.

$400,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death – An innocent passenger that was involved in a vehicle evading police pursuit was killed when the driver crashed into a construction site.  However, the construction site was not properly marked. The family of the deceased recovered $400,000.00.

$300,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident –While being driven around as a passenger in a vehicle that was owned by a company, the parties crashed.  The passenger, a 24 year old man, sustained a herniated disc in his back. The injury he suffered required him to undergo an anterior lumbar discectomy and fusion surgery with insertion of interfixed cages.

$125,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident with Uninsured Motorist – While driving, a 46 year old woman was struck by a driver that had no insurance.  Thankfully, the client purchased uninsured motorist coverage which protected her in such an accident.  The motor vehicle accident caused injuries to her shoulder and knee and because of her own insurance policy coverage, she settled the case for $125,000.00.

$100,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident – Two friends were driving a vehicle when a drunk driver crashed into them.  The 25 year old female passenger suffered post traumatic stress following the accident. Case settled for $100,000.00.

$70,000.00 Motor vehicle accident - A family, husband, wife, son and daughter, stopped at a red light.  Unfortunately, another vehicle rammed into their vehicle and fled the accident scene. All four family members sustained neck and back injuries and treated with a chiropractor. The case settled for $70,000.00 prior to trial.

$37,000.00 Sports Injury – While participating in gymnastics, an eleven year old girl sustained injuries to her teeth as a result of negligence. The case settled for $37,000.00 prior to trial.

$55,000.00 - Premises Liability Slip and Fall Case – A 50 year old woman was at a Car Wash facility where she stepped on ice and fell down.  She impacted her face fracturing her nose and suffered various other injuries