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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 21:26

Loan Modifications

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Loan Modifications and Louis | White, the Mortgage Relief Experts

Many people have tried on their own to obtain modifications from lenders who refuse to help. (See why lenders refuse to modify your loan here). Unfortunately, many people’s mortgages are vastly underwater – their property is worth significantly less than they owe. Louis | White Attorneys at Law, can outline a plan that fits your situation to restructure your loan finally making it affordable for you. Our goal is two-fold: force your lender to reduce your monthly payment by placing you into a low interest fixed rate loan and to keep you in your property.

Without the proper assistance, it is extremely difficult to obtain a positive result. The mortgage relief professionals at Louis | White has had tremendous success forcing lenders into modifying home loans and can help you truly achieve a positive result. Our mortgage relief negotiators understand exactly what it takes to achieve the best results on your behalf. Contact us for a free consultation and let us get you back on track.

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