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Bank of America

IT ONLY TOOK 45 DAYS! I went to Louis White 7 days before the bank was foreclosing on my home and had $55,000 in delinquent payments. LW stopped the trustee sale, and WITHIN 45 DAYS, Bank of America modified my loan REDUCING MY PRINCIPAL OVER $175,000 and giving me a 2% INTEREST RATE. Before my payment was $2364.00, now it is $1652.89. I couldn't have done it without you LW! - John W.


I CAN'T RECOMMEND A BETTER LAW FIRM THAN LOUIS WHITE, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. I started with an Adjustable loan with AHMSI in 2007 with a rate of 9.6% and my "interest only" payment was $2699.00. I could not afford it if I had to pay principal, taxes and insurance. After receiving my NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE, I retained Louis White Attorneys at Law. After 4 months they were able to modify my loan from a 9.6% interest rate to a 2% for 5 yrs and cap rate of 4.2%. My new payment was $1139.83 AND that included Principal, Interest and escrow! Thank You Alex and Jamil! - Susan C.

PNC- I went to Louis  White after being mishandled by two prior attorneys.

"I had complex issues as my home had already been foreclosed and the bank was trying to kick my family out. Louis | White immediately put me at ease and took over. They filed lawsuits against my lender and within 3 months they got me a phenomenal result! Before my mortgage payment was $5600.00. My payment is now $2000.00 and I am still suing the lender for money damages! I highly recommend this law firm for any homeowner experiencing financial difficulties. Thank you Louis | White for keeping us in our home and restoring our dream." -- W.A. Smith

Bank of America- Reduced my loan over $200K and reduced my Interest Rate!

"The attorneys at Louis I White were professional, helpful and always available, and most of all, they got the job done better than Bill and I could have ever imagined. We tried on our own and failed, but thanks to Louis I White, we can afford our home and are in a great position for the future. So happy we came to you and we will tell all our friends what a great job you did." - Barbara F. - Bank of America

Wells Fargo- $184,000 principal reduction.

"$184,000 principal reduction. Well done LM!" - John G. -Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo - Louis | White has been honest with me since the beginning.

"While they did not try to over-sell their services or over-promise results, they did promise one thing, that they would do everything they could to help me in my time of need. I am a senior citizen and was facing foreclosure because I couldn't afford the negative amortization loan I was tricked into. It was very stressful as I didn't know what to do or where I would have to go if I lost my home. So I placed my faith in Louis | White and left the rest up to God. The process was tough on me . . . honestly I cried about it. Sometimes, one plan didn't work, but Louis | White always had another plan in place. After several months of tribulation, Louis | White saved the day when they told me that I would be able to stay in my home forever. The bank reduced my loan by $42,456 and dropped the rate to 3.115%. My new total payment with taxes and insurance is $987. Without Louis | White, my payment would have been over $2300 and I would have lost my home. Muchisima Gracious Louis | White." - Pauline T. - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo - In 2005, I was the victim of a bait and switch tactic by my lender.

"Although my lender promised to refinance or modify the loan, really it was just a string of lies. Instead, they just tried to foreclose on me. Having nowhere else to go, I hired Louis | White at a price that I could afford. The attorneys at Louis | White were great. They took over and started negotiating with my bank. When the bank again refused to work with us, Louis | White filed a lawsuit against them. Within 8 months, Louis | White forced the bank into a settlement. My lender reduced the principal balance of my loan by $61,832.55 and dropped my interest rate from 8.95% to 3.99%. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Louis | White for all your hard work. You never gave up on me.” Gerald E. - Wells Fargo

Citi Mortgage - The bank provided me with an affordable loan restructuring and made me current on my loan.

"After my lender had refused to give me a loan modification and started foreclosing on my home, I went to Louis | White. Louis | White worked hard and negotiated with the bank. Finally, the bank provided me with an affordable loan restructuring and made me current on my loan. After I was current, Louis | White was able to discharge my significant credit card debt in bankruptcy. Thank you Louis | White for reducing my debt!" - James R. - Citi Mortgage

Chase - Negotiate a $120,000 principal reduction of my home and reduced the interest rate finally making my mortgage payments affordable.

"After several months of fighting on my behalf, Louis | White was able to negotiate a $120,000 principal reduction of my home and reduced the interest rate finally making my mortgage payments affordable. If you need help and your lender is breathing down your neck, the attorneys at Louis | White can help." - Donald D. - Chase

AHMSI - Louis | White was able to get the bank to pay us $6500.

"Even though Louis | White was able to get us an offer from the bank, we still couldn't afford it so we decided to move out. To move out, Louis | White was able to get the bank to pay us $6500. Louis | White did everything possible to make it work." Bob H. - AHMSI

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