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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 09:21

Land Lord / Tenants Law

Landlord Tenant Disputes

California Landlord Tenant law sets forth the guidelines and regulations in regards to the relationship between a lessor (landlord) plus a lessee (tenant). Though a great deal of this relationship is defined according to the lease agreement itself, the agreement contract remains, nonetheless, remains essential rights that both parties have through California law.

No matter whether you happen to be renting a house, apartment, condo, or motel or hotel space, even though you hope that the relationship runs smoothly, in some cases complications arise.

•     Are you entitled to the security deposit after vacating the premises?
•     Have you been unlawfully discriminated against?
•     Can your landlord raise your rent or evict you?
•     Who is responsible for repairs on the building?
•     Can you get out of the lease?

These are critical legal questions that affect your rights as a lessee. If you have a landlord tenant dispute, speak to us for a free consultation at 877-992-5291.

Discrimination: Federal and California law prevent a landlord from discriminating against a possible or recent tenant determined by their race or religion. This can be a violation of particular civil rights. Equally unlawful is a landlord's refusal to rent to a tenant according to their sex, gender, orientation, marital status, or healthcare situation.

Should you have questions regarding true estate and/or landlord/tenant troubles, contact us at 877-992-5291 to get a free consultation.

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