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Why Are TBIs Legally Challenging?

Proving the damages caused by a brain injury can be difficult. In many cases, people with brain injuries appear to be just fine, when they are actually so brain damaged they are unable to work and earn a living or, in some cases, even care for themselves. This damage does not show up on brain imaging tests like CT scans and MRIs.

A brain injury can result in memory problems, headaches, behavioral issues and other conditions that may not be immediately obvious, but must be made clear in order to get our clients the best possible compensation. For that reason, our law firm has built an extensive network of resources.

We can bring in experts on brain injury, medical professionals, exhibit makers and more. Our team understands how to prepare and present your case effectively and persuasively in order to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Our Sacramento brain injury lawyers work with top medical experts and neuropsychologists to document the damages caused by brain injuries. We will also interview people who knew the person before and after the accident and ask them to describe differences they have observed.


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