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Are you or someone you love the victim of a dog bite?

Dog Attack Injury Lawyers

When you think about a dog bite incident, you often focus on the physical pain and scarring. And although the physical trauma and scars from the attack are often extremely serious and often require medical attention, the emotional scars from dog bites can last longer and have drastic consequences.

Sometimes dog attacks cause more than physical harm. They can cause intense psychological fear of canines and even other types of animals. Victims often need major surgeries and often recovery involves seeing a psychotherapist.

If you have suffered injuries from a dog attack, the dog bite injury attorneys at Louis White Law can help you recover compensation for your suffering, medical and therapy expenses, and other costs associated with the attack. We will fight to make certain you receive all the monetary damages you deserve, whether through negotiations or at trial.

Dog Attack Cases

We represent victims of attacks by all types of dogs. We also represent people who were injured when a dog jumped on them. Whether you have suffered severe scratches or bruising, or other serious injuries resulting from an dog attack we can help. We also handle fatal dog attack cases.

The personal injury lawyers at Louis | White will work hard on your behalf. We will assist you in finding treatment for dog bites and counseling if necessary. We handle all your legal needs so you can focus on recovery.

Sue the Homeowners’ Insurance

Do you know the owners of the dog that attacked or bit you? Perhaps they were friends or even family members. You may not want to pursue a dog attack claim, because you feel you are harming someone you know and love.

It is very important to know, however, that you are not suing the dog owner, but their insurance company. Do not let guilt prevent you from proceeding to get the compensation you deserve.


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